Using My Book 3TB Drive on Win 7 & Win 8 Laptops

I recently purchased a “My Book” 3TB drive to back up the three laptops in the family.  The sales person told me I can back-up all three laptops by plugging it into the laptop I want to backup, install the software and I’m all set.  I installed it on the first laptop, installed WD SmartWare, upgraded it to the Pro version and ran the backup.  This worked fine and my questions are:

  1. Do I just move on to laptops 2 & 3 and repeat the process and now use the activation code I was given for SmartWare Pro installation.

  2. Will each machine recognize the drive so I can run the back up process without interferring with the back up files for the other two machines?

  3. If all three laptops can be backed up, are there any issues with one running Windows 8 and the other two running Windows 8?

My apologies if these issues were addressed in other posts but I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for.

Thanks for any assistance from the community.

  1. Yes, but you do not need to use the activation code unless you want to use the extended WD SmartWare Pro-specific features like Dropbox access or backups with non-WD drives. The regular version of WD SmartWare will carry out regular backups just fine.

  2. Yes, unless the computers use the exact same computer names.

  3. None at all.

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Thanks for your help!  This answers my questions and addresses my concerns. I really appreciate it!

You can mark this complete.

My pleasure.