Using MBL with a BT homehub router

Just bought a 2Tb MBL drive.

Transfering files to this drive seems to be taking forever.

Im getting a speed of 3.78MB/second.

Is this normal? Seems very slow and taking forever to back things up???

Im using a dell lap-top and BT homehub.

What I suggest is that ensure your notebook has a Gigabit ethernet port. Purchase a gigabit ethernet switch. Connect your laptop, BT Home Hub and MyBook Live to the Gigabit ethernet switch and that will solve your problem.

The switch built into the BT HomeHub only goes up to 100 M/bits so you need to cease using the BT HomeHub’s switch and use another. You’ll still use the BT HomeHub as intended.  Just all the switching will be done by an external switch capable of handling gigabit speeds.

There is a second option.  Buy another router that has a gigabit switch built into it.  As you are with BT Internet, their ADSL equipment will accept any ADSL username and password so any ADSL capable router will work.

Thanks Myron. I will go do that today.

Many thanks for the advice.



Just checked and found out my notebook does not have a Gigabit ethernet port, its 10/100.

Can this be upgraded or am i stuck with what is there?

Sorry, you’re stuck with a 10/100Mbit port on your laptop.

perhaps a wireless N usb adapter?  if you are getting a gigabit router it probably does wireless N as well.  Someone will need to verify that wireless N is faster than 100 ethernet, I’m just tossing out ideas.

I think USB 2.0 is 480M/bits maximum but I think the CPU will be quite busy shuttling data.