Using MBL/WD2Go without Internet

Have purchased the 3Tb version and transferred all my music and movies from my laptop to the MBL, installed the WD2Go app on my iPad (the new one), but after initial set up online, I cannot access any of my files via the app unless I enable my hotspot. I am using this in my RV and am not always able to connect to hotspots, but I believe I should be able to access my files while offline as long as I’m connected to my router? I select the MBL icon then after it hangs for a bit, i get “Device Offline - The device is not accessible. Local documents are available” message? Need help please. My router is a Hawking HAW2R1 Hi-Gain Wireless 300N Smart Repeater Pro with Range Extender if that helps any. Thanks

Not possible, WD2Go needs Internet, since it requires access to the WD2go servers for remote access.

What specifically about WD 2go is important to you?

There may be other ways of doing what you need WITHOUT using WD 2go at all.

If your device supports DNLA then you can stream them from your MBL, much more efficient than using an internet connection