Using Internal as External

I owned a 2TB My Book Essential and the enclosure was dropped and the HDD failed. I purchased a 3TB WD Green and am attempting to put it in the same enclosure which is USB 3.0. It will only show up 2TB in the external and I have tried GPT and MBR and in either it shows only 2TB I have a 680i Motherboard which I understand does not have UEFI so I tried a partition. When I partition the drive into the 2TB it does not show that there is anything left to create a second partition. Using this disk internally on my desktop I can have it under GPT and it will show the full 3TB so I know it’s there. I need this disk to be external for the portability with my laptop and would like help with a solution thanks for your time.

The controller on the enclosure only supports 2TB drives

try installer a lesser capacity HD