Using harddrive on two computers

My boyfriend and I recently bought a 1tb harddrive - the main function this was to have was to be a backup for all our shared music files specifically so that he had a portable drive of all music files on my imac computer. 

The drive is formatted to his PC laptop, yet all the music is on my imac. The idea was to copy all the music onto the harddrive, but when I plug it into the Mac it won’t let me copy anything to it.

I’ve tried it on another PC - copying files to the hard drive - with no such troubles, which makes me think the problem is with the drive not reading properly on the mac.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Hi there, if it’s an Essential or an Elite drive, it will need to be formatted to allow you to write to it from a Mac…

You can format the drive to FAT32 (Universal, but won’t take files larger than 4GB), exFAT (But the Mac has to be 10.6.5 and the PCs need all updated from Microsoft unless it’s Vista SP1 onwards) or you can install NTFS-3G on your Mac from the Apple website… It’s a software that will enable full NTFS integration on your Mac (But since it is a software, only works with your Mac)

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

NTFS 3G - install on your Mac.