Using Google Drive on a Mapped Share

Hi there,

I am trying to get my google drive to sync with a drive I created on my WD MyCloud.

Unfortunately when syncing it always freezes after a few files. No specific error message, it just hangs.

Has anyone managed to do that?



Welcome to the Community.

How are you proceeding to “sync” the volume with Google Drive?


Good evening,

I am using the Synchronization provided by Google Drive on my Desktop.

I created a new Share on my WD MyCloud, and mapped it to letter Y: in windows, then upon connecting to google drive, I select this newly mapped drive to synchronize to.



Is there any update or additional thoughts on this?  I’m also trying to use WD MyCloud as a mounted drive, which I want to use to synch my Google Drive to.  It starts up and starts to sync, but usually ends up crashing.  Can you not do this or is there some way to have your Google synced to WD NAS?

Google drive app doesn’t support network only works with local drives.
However,there might be some possibility of a 3rd party app that exist that installs in the wd my cloud itself and syncs with Google drive


I use an ap called goodSync

it provides sync to most of cloud providera and I connect it to the WD Mycloud through FTP