Using Ghost 15 with My Book World

Has anyone had success use Ghost 15 with My book World Edition?  The main problem i am having is that Ghost will not reconized the drivers when creating a recovery CD.  Its says that it cannot use 64 bit drivers and neet to find the 32 bit drivers. 

I can’t find the 32 bit drivers anywhere on the WD support website.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


My System

Win 7 premium 64 Bit

i5 Core. 4 gig ram

Is anyone out there succesfully using ghost 15 with My book???

Guys i can’t be the only one using Ghost 15 with a MyBook…can anyone help here?  What about WD support?

Thanks again for any help…

You need to ask the Ghost people about this.  If the software doesn’t recognize nas drives, then it won’t work on the My Book World.