Using allway sync PC to EX2 on internet

Hello all: I just picked up the EX2 and so far I am not able to make a sync using the program called allway sync. I want to syncronise some files from a work PC to the EX2 located at my home, basically the home device is my cloud. The allway sync program has many capabilities to sync, and they are as follows: ftp sftp (ssh) webdav There are certainly more ways to sync with allway sync, but they are paid subscriptions. I was finally able to get some files to sync using FTP, but that is so dangerous because the folder on my EX2 is wide open to FTP on the internet. The question I have is, I want to SYNC files from my work PC to the home cloud EX2 device, but I do not want this information available on a FTP website. Any ideas? Thanks, Jim

Hello JimOsdale, welcome to the WD Community. I personally haven’t tried Allway sync, but let’s see if the other users can share some advice.