Using Acronis True Image and Synctoy 2.1?

Hello All,
I’m considering using Acronis True Image WD edition to backup my computer (Windows 10) instead of WD Backup and have a few questions.

  1. If I use Acronis Image to backup my computer am I able to put the backup on my WD My Book external drive? Am I able to boot from the WD My Book drive if my computer suffers a virus? How do I keep My Book from becoming infected?

  2. Am I able to schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups with the Acronis True Image? Does it sense only the changes that has occurred and backs up quickly or does it completely overwrite each time and consequently take a long time to back up?

  3. If I lose or delete files accidentally (such as images or documents) am I able to search the Acronis Image backup and restore those files alone or must I restore the entire system from the Acronis Image backup?

  4. Lastly. Is there any way to view the backup files in Acronis Image or even WD Backup? I need the ability to browse through certain backup files. As it stands, I can see the folders but I cannot see the actual files because they apparently are compressed? Otherwise, am I able to use a synchronization software such as FreeFileSync or Windows Synctoy 2.1 to backup certain files on My Book, in addition to the Acronis Image backing up to My Book also?


Hi Reagan_III,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know more about Acronis True Image WD edition.