Using 6TB NAS drive as an internal Mac Pro desktop drive

Hi folks. This concerns external and internal drives,
but the source is from an external one, so…

I updated from a 6+6TB My Book Duo to an 8+8 one.
I thought I could remove and format one (or both) of the 6TB drives
so I could use them as an internal drive (Mac Quad-Core Intel Xeon),
but the drive doesn’t show up at all in Disk Utility or under
System Profiler. The 6TB connected and slid into one of the
4 internal slots just fine, but still it doesn’t show up anywhere.
Does this mean that I will only be able to use it inside the old
My Book Duo enclosure?

Thank you.

Hi rostasi ,

Are the 6TB drives working fine in the enclosure?
Did you try to connect the internal drives to any different mac to check its functionality?
If you have performed these steps and still face the issue.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Hi Peter,

They were working fine in the enclosure before I removed them a few weeks ago
(they’ve been kept in hard box enclosures since then - away from dust, etc).
I understand that the info can’t be accessed as individual discs, but that’s OK
because all of that info has been saved elsewhere. I’m just wanting to have new clean drives.
Maybe I should put them back in the enclosure and then completely erase both of them
and try them again individually. I don’t have a different Mac to connect them to, so that’s not an option for me. Yesterday, I was comparing the “ends” (where there are connectors) of the NAS drives to the ends of another WD drive I use for backup and the connectors look different and so I’m wondering now if these drives just can’t be used as “plug and play” type internals on this Mac.

Anyway, I’ll erase and try again and see what happens. Thanks for your answer.

OK, so that took some extra time, but, yes, the process is this:
You have to put one drive back in the Duo enclosure - not both -
and use the WD utility to format it as if it’s a JBOD setup.
You have to shut down, remove the drive, place your second drive
inside by itself, power up and use the WD utility as you did for the first drive.

Even after doing all of that, and placing them inside as internals,
my desktop threw a window up that said that the drives
were still not useable in the condition they were in
(they were not formatted, according to my machine),
but, at least I could actually see the drives on my desktop
and in Disc Utility where I then proceeded to format them (again).
They are now, finally, useable as 6TB drives.