Users, passwords etc

Have just bought the drive in the last week and after setting it up on the 1st day i was very impressed with wd2go app for android / apple etc, 

The problem is when i come to set up additional users for PC. The problem seems to relate to the admin for some reason, what ever i do i still have either invalid credentials come up or to log in i have to use the admin password(drive p/w) with the user email, obviously that isnt very secure but can find no other way of logging in via pc. Im in the process of reformatting to see if there was something i did wrong when setting up. but currently unsure.

So if someone has a sure fire way of doing it then please let me know.

Thanks in advance


sorry forgot to mention its a MBL 2 tb drive.

do a search for “net use”.  If you connect to the MBL public share windows will remember those credentials and then use them if you try to access a private share, or something like that.  Windows won’t remember different credentials for different folders on the same drive.  IIRC.  You have to disconnect entirely from the MBL to get a fresh credential prompt.  THen you’d enter the user/pw you’d set up for that share.

Thanks for the reply. The issue seems to be with the users not the shares. I thought it was something in my network so created a user at home and then tried to log in at work but comes with invalid credentials still.

very annoying as overall i like the features it can do.