Username and password in network shares

I am using this box connected with three computers in house. I am very satisfied, but have problem with connection to one of the computers.

I use win7 - 64 , and every security settings are the same on all the computers. The one that I have problem with can be accessed to from the other computers, only not from Wd tv live player.

When I use PS3 media server software to get access I have no problem.

I don’t want to use PS3 media server as software, can someone guide me a little to get this sorted out.

It could be the username/password in that particular PC that’s conflicting with the samba code in the WDTV, if they’re different. Even if it is the same than the other PCs try creating a new user with a very simple username/password on that PC, kinda like wdtvlive / pass  , but avoiding uppercase chars, special chars (dash, ä, á etc…) or spaces, both in the username and the password.