User Rewards

User Rewards

Hey WD/SanDisk Community, we want to give back to our customers, so we have created a point system to reward those who actively participate in discussion, share their tech knowledge, and assist others in the community. Show your enthusiasm and expertise to earn prizes varying from lanyards to actual products! This program will run from July 22, 2022 to September 30, 2022 (“Program Period”). Offer available only in the United States and Canada.

How it works:

  • Users will earn prizes by garnering points that can be exchanged for prizes.
  • To gain points, users will need to interact and engage with various posts on our forums either for SanDisk or WD by liking posts, posting in response to a thread or creating their own novel thread.
  • Points are rewarded based on the amount of likes or the number of times a post is rated as a “Solution”.
    • Each like a post gets: 1 point
    • Each time a user posts a response or starts a novel thread: 2 points
    • Each time a post is deemed as a “Solution”: 3 points
  • Each new post/response should satisfy the following:
    • Be at least 100 characters in length
    • Asks a new question regarding one of our products
    • OR Responds to a question regarding one of our products with a new helpful answer
  • Use “#WDUserRewards” to note post is participating in the program.

  • Spam and general acknowledgement posts and likes will not be counted, and we will also be checking for fake accounts/bots.
  • Users are not allowed to combine points with other users.
  • The points needed for the following prize are as follows:
    • Western Digital Water Bottle OR SanDisk Lanyard: 5 points (ARV: $5)
    • SanDisk T-shirt: 25 points (ARV: $10)
    • WD 2TB My Passport HDD: 40 points (ARV: $60)
  • Max number of points that can be earned during the Program Period: 40 points.

Our representatives will contact you to receive your prizes!

This program will continue while supplies last and once the prizes are earned/points achieved, there is no renewal of points or carry over of points to any future Program Period. (Users that participated in the program in April 2022 are allowed to participate again.) Western Digital reserves the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

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So harsh. . . . . but give them credit for trying!

The issue with the forums is related to the product and the (lack of) development. Nothing of note is happening. . . so the power users are bored.

The best way to revitalize the forums, in my humble opinion, is to have more active WD participation. By active, I don’t mean what we have been seeing over the last year (Robo-posting that push “Contact tech support” or links to a Quasi-relevant knowledge base article that really doesn’t answer the underlying question)

From a user perspective; the failure to address issues with the existing software feature set is what is driving the old timers to other non-wd product solutions.

I see the “rules” are designed to prevent spam posts (i.e. does THIS post count?). . . and to some extent I see how you would want to do that.

I see this post as a build on issues and posing rhetorical questions. . . .I suspect it counts for “nothing” in this rule set. . . a shame. . . .because some of the “related topic” banter is what makes for a living/breathing forum.

Edit: I just read the “rules”. . . . . . .

  • 7 day program?
  • you actually have to put a tag in the post?
  • all entries reviewed for relevancy?

Let me know if anybody wins anything.

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What browser are you using? Have you checked to see if you can change it?

Example image.

I have Windows 11 pro and by checking Settings>

Changes can be made!

I was super excited to see this announcement until I came to the second last line that the offer was limited to the US, excluding Canada. Knowing this, the program is somewhat irrelevant and any excitement that would have come with it. The other issue I think hurts the chances of someone gaining any amount of points is needing the “likes” and “solutions” of others. I’ve written a decent guide with hundreds of views but only four likes.


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@ActiveUser @NAS_user Thanks so much for your feedback on the program! We will keep this is mind for future use.


How does one know if they qualified or have achieved the prize earnings?

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Hi @MINH_LAM, thanks for your question. For now, please keep track of your posts and points according to our point system. Our representatives will reach to you once you’ve collected enough points to earn prizes. Judging based on your point count, a representative will reach out to you soon.

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Wait… what? What is this, I thought. WD sending me spam?
Or someone pretending to be WD sending me spam?

It turns out the e-mail I received was a genuine e-mail (spam) from WD! Thank you for making that clear by posting that fairly large banner on top of the site.

I visited the site shortly after receiving the e-mail and there was no such banner as far as I can recall. I didn’t actually bother to log in and ask about this strange e-mail or read what others were saying. Now that I’m reviewing this e-mail again I can see it clearly for what it is.

So you made this announcement all the way back in March, on March 31? Then you decided to send a bulk e-mail to everyone on September 16? For a “user rewards” program that ends on September 30? From some "" domain name? Don’t you have enough money to buy your own domain name you can use to send out bulk e-mails from?

If you wanted user engagement, you got it. Not the kind of engagement you wanted perhaps, but user engagement nonetheless. I am not a regular on these forums. I hardly ever visit this place anymore. I might as well close my account and narrow down my attack surface in case this site ever gets hacked. God forbid! I’m just a guy who made a few posts some years ago about some particular WD product when HDDs were still the main type of storage devices. This was before WD (and Seagate) admitted they have to start making SSDs to stay in business and stay relevant. Up until then, WD had been on a falling slope for some time, in terms of that human contact, like customer support, customer engagement, quick and official response to common problems and just taking pride in the brand name and its history. WD had pretty much distanced itself from its products, turning it into a cheap consumable and expendable product. This was true for other remaining HDD brands also. But I was very happy with WD disks for a very long time and often recommended the brand. I still have WD disks, including portable HDDs.

Nowadays I tend to spend my time reading, writing and thinking about, documenting and commenting on tech problems on sites that are not centered around any particular brand, sites like SuperUser and StackOverflow for example. As for disks, I always go for Samsung now when I need a new SSD and WD if I ever need a HDD for archive purposes.

I have always found it difficult to keep an interest in a product or brand centered sites like this one. This is the main reason I often find myself looking for a different forum, if I ever actively go looking for a place to discuss a product related problem, be it hardware or software. But most often, I don’t find the forum, it finds me. If I go google the problem, chances are I will find a highly active and technical discussion about it at some other, not brand specific forum.

So my message to WD is that you yourself have to be in your own forum if you want active participation from your users and customers. This is something I expect from all companies that have a community forum. If I ever come to a brand centered site like this, I am counting on having an engagement with company officials and product owners with expert knowledge. I am not looking for “me too” answers from users that are just as lost as I am.

Although, I know from experience that active participation even from less knowledgeable users can result in fruitful solutions if they put their heads together. Seagate’s firmware blunder from 2009 was one such example. Where Seagate kept quite about it for weeks before admitting, and leaving their customers to find a solution on their own, and they did. I never purchased a Seagate disk since, up until 3 years ago when I purchased a 4 TB external backup disk and then accidentally knocked it over from the top of the PC tower and it died. But this sort of user and customer driven solutions to problems are best done on other forums, because they can be a violation of terms if you go about hacking it to fix what is essentially the company’s own fault.

Also, you have to ask yourself, why would someone voluntarily engage so much in a brand centered forum? To collect points? For pride? Status? They are not supposed to be doing your job! Without pay! There has to be some kind of perks for them too. So I think the idea is right with this “user rewards” program, but the execution is highly questionable. You made a blunder on many points!

See!? Why only US and Canada? What about throwing a bone to those of us living in Europe? You don’t have customers in Europe? You have in effect revealed that most of your forum users are from US and Canada. Since I am from Sweden, I will not be participating anymore in your forums, because I am not welcome. Your gesture clearly indicates this. I thought WD was a global company? I’m sure you can sort out the logistics if you want to.

Just look at all those language specific forums at the top right: German, Spanish, Italian, French. You would think this relates to the countries where these languages are most spoken, but Spanish probably caters to central and south America, and French for francophone part of Canada. WD has office locations in UK and Belgium, but the offer does not extend to people in these countries. I’m not sure why there is a dedicated section for German and Italian? I don’t know about Italian, but for German, I would speculate it’s because Germans prefer German over English, and they are not very good at English (understandable when you use German all the time). Regardless of language, none of us “across the pond” are eligible for this offer.

I see this user touched on some of the points I also made above, and I agree on “related topic banter” making a living and active forum. There has to be some ground rules of course, but when the rules are too strict or too rigid, the forum quickly becomes boring and dies out.

This, I think, is also why brand centered forums don’t rank highly with users. The companies don’t have relaxed rules because they are too afraid of damaging the brand image. Without realizing, perhaps, that they are doing it to themselves. By these strict rules and by their own absence. If a discussion starts to go off course, they have to be there to steer the ship astray.

Hello WD, I was part of the beta testing but have not heard from WD since Beta 171. How do I get back on the active beta testing crew? I really enjoyed working with WD and I’m open to doing more.
Darryl A Hamby


Have you tried the Contact WD link at the bottom of this page?

Sorry, that message is for WD. Did not mean for it to be sent to someone else.

Hi @samirg, I apologize for the delayed response. We really appreciate your feedback and will look into making the suggested improvements possible for future User Reward programs. We truly value you and European customers and do not take your thoughts lightly. Thank you again for your feedback!