User permissions

Hi there

I have a WD My Passport Ultra, I successfully backed up my files and then retrieved them onto my new laptop, all the files are there on the C. drive,

however, when I attempt to open any of them - be it pdf, excell, word etc, I get an error message saying ‘user does not have permission’

Apparently there is a setting in the external drive that I should have known about to prevent this happening,

does anyone have any clues how to fix this?

thanks, Lisa


Take a look a this thread. The user had the same issue and posted the solution.

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Thank you Hamlet, I have been through and changed all my folders to be owned by me and I appear in the Group or User Names section, with full permission

however when I go to the folder Users,Lisa (me) I still come up against the error message in some cases - the fix appears to have been applied selectively to the files within the folders, some open and some dont, even ones with me as the owner dont always open

I have no idea what is going on…