User permissions MyBook Live

I was wondering if there is a way to change the user permission options

in the web GUI there is only the option to give someone full access or only read access, i was hoping there would be a way for a user to have write access but not delete.

Having all or nothing is a problem, as i dont want accidents of users deleting files, i would like users to be able to write to a share but not delete.



I’m surprised at the number of people who want that functionality without fully understanding the implications.

If this were possible, users could CREATE a file, but could never EDIT a file (because an EDIT actually creates a new copy then deletes the original.)

In SOME cases, files can be edited “In Place,” which would be successful;  the behavior is entirely OS and application dependent…  So you would be sorely confused as to why certain things can be changed and others not.

Any application that depends on external file locks and semaphores would fail.

Certain aspects of windows browser / explorer would fail because Windows writes many temporary files to a folder and then deletes them when you close the explorer.

… and that’s just for starters.