User can get access to his folder from browser, but can't from WD Access

Username and password were created one year ago and person got his link. He is able to upload and download files from browser. But one week ago he was trying to open his folder from local network (WD access) and we can’t get it. Message says incorrect login or password.
Please. help.

Still relevant.

Any advises ?

Can anybody help me?

How are you doing here?

Still relevant.

How to get any help here? Any WD support representative here?

Hi, I’m getting this kind of situation after updating my firmware to the latest ex2ultra 2.31.149 (10/18/2018)

I dont really know what’s going on but still trying to figure it out why…

I found another person who have same problem with same storage, but my is 4TB, his 6TB. But exact same situation. Person who always connected through Internet, now trying to connect from local PC and system says password is wrong. But he is still can connect via website and mobile App from same WIFI… Weird.

@Konfl1kt The screen shots posted by @Rezal is the End Of Life Legacy My Cloud Desktop App.
WD Access looks like the screen shot below


Ok, persuaded. I will sell this piece of plastic.
Actually I have many minor problems and don’t understand why you guys don’t want to improve your software. Software is your major problem.

Facing same question with u, I think the problem is wd access is only design to use in local network. If u want to synchronize your file in public network, you should try wd sync

Plus, my wd sync can’t found my device either. I think the reason is that i put my device under my company’s net work which dose not support upnp and blocked some ports. After all those frustration, I think ALL NAS device is not design for plug and play. To successfully use it, users must have strong network base-knowledge and a great network setup. If u want to save ur time, just sell it and buy an OneDrive premium.

It’s design exactly for plug and play. If I needed a product which is developed not for the user, I would build the NAS+FreeNAS. What the reason to buy NAS with 512Mb ram for $200 instead your own build with 4Gb ram+better CPU e t.c. if not a plug & play features? They selling that like a consumer product and I even can’t connect to mycloud lol. And look at this thread… no response for weeks.