User access will not remember passwords

I have had my drive mapped and everything working for years now.  I have added a second machine to the network and mapped the same folders on that machine.  Now on my first machine the mapped folders no longer work and ask me for a User and Password.  Not a single User name or password work in the dialogue box except the Admin/Admin.  When I restart/reboot my system will not connect the drives automatically or remember even the Admin password.  I have even setup all of the folders as “public” and still nothing works as it should.  

End result looking for:

All I’m looking for is it to work like it did - turn on computer and drives map automatically.  

I do not know why none of the usernames or passwords work - I’m sure this has something to do with it.

My set-up

My Book World Edition (white light) -WD10000H1NC - firmware is current - wired (network local) set up.

Machine 1: Vista - zero changes have been made (did work fine in the past but not anymore)

Machine 2: Win 7 pro - mapped drive “folders” works just fine.

All users have admin rights and I do know all the passwords.

All systems, network, etc. Are up to date, current firmware.  

Any help anyone can provide would be great!!!


Try resetting the drive to see if stills the same…