User access to shares keeps resetting to "deny access"

Hi. This problem is related to a PR4100.
I’m using the dashboard, via Safari or Chrome on a Mac. No difference.
The first 3 users that I set up gave me no issues with configuring their access to the shares.
But for every user after those first few, the system resets their share access after I exit their screen. For instance, I give them “read/write” access to 4 shares, exit their screen, get back to their screen, and all 4 share permissions are reset to “deny access”.

What I’ve tried thus far:
Tried configuring their access both through the Users and the Shares interface. No difference.
Tried deleting the user, and creating it again. No difference.
Tried setting up groups. No difference.

Thanks for any thoughts!

  • olaf

Fixed it myself. So, for anyone who’s experiencing the same issues:

Under SHARES, switch all Shares to PUBLIC. Then toggle that option back OFF. That seems to reset them, and you can configure away.