User access problem after upgrading firmware to 2.2.91

Until a week ago my NAS was working, but after upgrading the firmware to 2.2.91 I have run into problems.

The issue is that for some reason some of the folders/files can only be accessed by the creator (public access is enabled on the share, but not even a user having admin rights can get to the folder/file). I am able to access the share but I get an error when trying to access some of the folders/files. his was not an issue before upgrading the firmware.

I have found out that if I login as the creator of the folder/file, copy the folder/file to another location, delete the “original” folder/file and the copy the new one back, I am able to access it even using other users. 

There is 2 issues with this workaround:

1 - it takes for EVER to run through all the files to do this.

2 - I have (I didn’t know until now, since it haven’t been problem earlier) some cases where a folder on level “1” (let’s call it Folder1) is owned by user1 and a folder on the next level (Folder2) is owned by User2. User1 can access Folder1 but cannot get to Folder2, and User2 cannot get to Folder2, because he doesn’t have access to Folder1. So the files in folder2 cannot be accessed by anyone.

Have anyone had the same problem, and/or is there a solution


Hello friend What is the RAID configuration that yo have the sharespace set up as?

Hi, thanks for replying.

My NAS is set up as RAID 5