Used MyCloud Device Setup

I have just bought a used My Cloud device off ebay. I currently have it plugged in to the power and the ethernet. There is a flashing white light on the front of the unit and has been flashing for about a hour now. I have performed a reset of the device as it states on Western Digitals website but that has not seemed to help as of yet. Does this action take a bit to complete? Is there something else that I need to do? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If there is a post about this already, please guide me in the right direction.


Are you sure it’s white, and not yellow?

Is your ISP at&t uverse, by any chance?

Flashing white is an fsck, IIRC; it’s trying to sort out some file system issues (maybe caused by pulling power without shutdown). Leave it for at least a day…

So I won’t mess with it. I double checked and it is a blinking white light on the front and he Ethernet port on the back is flashing as well. What should I do after a day?