Use WD My Book Live 2TB with 4 persons at different places like a local network-drive?


We are 4 persons working at different places and want to use a network drive like WD My Book Live 2TB
to share our office-files (*.DOC, *.XLS, *.TXT …) and access and modify these files.
Now we have the following questions:

  1. can we assign different rights to certain folders (some folders used by all of us others only by two must

be invisible and not accessable for the others) ?

  1. if we copy files between local and network-drive will the original date be kept or changed to the date of the copy ?

  2. if person 1 opens a XLS-table on the network-drive and then person 2 also wants to open/modify this file,
    does person 2 recognize that someone els opened the file for writing and person 2 can only read in that case ?

  3. can we assign drive-letters to the network-drive and then handle the files on it comparable to a local drive,
    e.g. also using commanders like Total Commander for copy files, compare files, pack files on the network-drive ?

I hope that someone can help us.
Thanks in advance


  1. Yes, just go to the dashboard and click on share and you will see the options.

  2. The files copied to the my book will have a new date.

  3. A pop-up will appear letting the second person now that he/she only has read access to the file.

  4. Havent’t used Total Commander before, but yes you can map the my book with any drive letter.