Use the disk from My Cloud Mirror on a normal SATA connection - what file system is used?

I’m new to the forum and have a question to the specialists: my NAS (a 3TB My Cloud Mirror) was struck by lighting - actually our router was struck and every device connect by LAN cable is blown, so also the NAS.
My question is: can I take the HD out and connect it directly via a SATA cable? I tried and it asked me for a formatting - apparently a different file system is used in the ‘My Cloud’ drive. Is this the case? Using Win 7 on a HP desktop.
Appreciate your hints.

Hi daspack,

Yes, if you plug in the drive to the computer via SATA cable it would ask you to format the drive due to different file system.

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He already noticed that the file system wasn’t the PC’s default, he was asking what it was. The answer is that in order to support access from multiple OS’s they use a proprietary file system The proprietary file system is built on a Linux base, so if the OP feels the need to chase down recovering those files the hard way…

If the OP was trying to recover the files without reinventing the wheel, then putting the drive in a MyCloud Mirror that has not been struck by lightning would probably reduce the degree of difficulty of recovering these filles to “Doh!”.

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