Use PC to retrieve files from MAC-formatted My Book Studio w/o reformatting

Hey everyone,

I have a My Book Studio that was formatted for an ancient mac. I recently had to move in a rush, and it was just too expensive to take the mac, and I stupidly assumed I would be able to retrieve the files from any computer without reformatting. Here’s the problem:

Using a My Book Studio that has been formatted for a Mac, can I retrieve my files from said My Book Studio using a pc without reformatting the external for a pc? I have no access to a Mac computer any time soon (I live in the middle of nowhere), I have no other copy of these files, so I need to be able to retrieve them without reformatting the external drive, which would erase everything.

The computer I have now is an ASUS laptop running Windows 10.



A Windows computer does not have the option to read drives that have been formatted for Mac. You can probably find a software online that allows you to do this. I have never tried it since it is not supported but maybe other users on this community have tried it before and can share some experience with us.