Use Passport Drive but not Software

I saw on another post somewhere that I can’t find now about using other software that gives you more options as far as backing up specific folders. I saw MS SyncToy recommended so I downloaded that and tried it and it’s pretty much exactly what I was hoping the WD Smartware would be. But I’d still like to just use the Passport hard drive but not use the WD Smartware software. I’m trying to quit out of it but it just will not exit. I clicked on Safely remove my Passport… and that worked, so I was able to disconnect it. But the little icon is still open down on the right hand corner. I’ve clicked “Exit WD SmartWare” several times but it just will not exit.

Is it possible to just not use the WD SmartWare at all? I don’t want it to start automatically backing up my computer files. I’m using the SyncToy software to do what I want to do with only backing up certain folders.

You can uninstall SmartWare from your PC, yes.

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  1. WD Smartware is an optional software, if you don’t want to use it don’t install it.-
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Ok thanks. I successfully uninstalled it.