Use my passport to share music files between my desktop and laptop

basically i want to put my cd collection on this drive.  the problem i’m having is that when i put the cd’s on the drive from my laptop, i am not able to play the files on my desktop without taking ownership of the folder… this is a big hassle.  what do i need to do to use this thing like a thumb drive, where i can connect it to any of my computers and just play the music?


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This is odd. How are you copying the files into the hard drive?

i am using windows media player to ‘rip’ the cd’s into a folder called ‘music’…

when i take the drive to my desktop, it says i ‘currently don’t have permission to access the folder’

i had the same problem with my last passport drive - and when i took permission, then i had problems when i tried to access the music again on the laptop…

I would just like to use the drive on both computers without having to mess with permissions each time.

What happens if you rip the files straight into your PC first, then proceed to copy the entire folder?

i copied a folder from my desktop to the ultra drive, and was able to access it normally on my laptop.  this should work, but then the problem becomes, my laptop hdd is not large enough for all the music, so it will become a rip, copy, delete and repeat… i guess this how i will have to do it… seems like there should be some way to just make it work.

I am having the same problem.  If I use Windows Media Player to rip CDs to a folder on my passport drive, I cannot then access those files if I plug the drive into another computer.  I want to be able to effectively remove all permissions from the drive so that I can access any folder on my desktop or my laptop computers.  Has anyone found a solution to this?

I am dealing with this as well and its very frustrating.  i bought the passport so that i could move my music library between computers since i use several of them but find i can’t access my music on other computers without going to each individual track or folder and changing the permissions.  i have a huge music library so there is no way i can do this manually,