Use My Book to restore files after C: drive rebuild

I need to rebuild my computer (wipe C: drive and reinstall Windows and all programs). I have done a complete backup on My Book. I am concerned that when I rebuild the computer the backup configuration will have been lost and I will not be able to restore the data. Is this an issue and do I need to take any steps to avoid an issue?

Do not under ANY circumstance us WD product for this. There are 193 pages of threads at 30 threads per page for, 5790 threads complaining that this product failed them. Each for these threads and the 20+ comments that follow there is NO solution. The monitors will drop in and say…“did you reboot your computer?” …“Did you upgrade…??”. All nonsense. Just patronizing. This product WILL fail. 100% guarantee. They know it. Do NOT back up files on this. Just read the threads for your self. 

If you are concerned about the configuration of the backup once your system is restored, then I’d recommend a manual (Traditional) copy/paste file transfer into your external drive. That way the files will not be encrypted or in need of a particular application to be restored, but you won’t be able to copy your programs.