USB to sata adapter


I have a 3TB WD with USB on both ends is it possible to buy an adapter to go from a male usb to a female sata input? I want to add an external HD to my Direct TV box.     


Hi there, there ARE USB to eSATA adapters, but I don’t think it’s going to work just by using one…

There’s more to consider, like if your Direct TV receiver is able to handle a 3TB drive and also possible incompatibilities due to the firmware and the file system…

I would not even try it if I were you.


Thanks for the advice I was also considering the size after i saw that the DVR external drives  for sale were only 1 TB max. I think I will just buy one already set up for the DVR. My receiver does have a specific model of WD  listed I will look for that model. Thanks again.