USB Startup time is over 20 minutes!


The startup time of my WDTV is well above 20 minutes. There seems to be a direct relation between how much content is on the external harddrive and how long time it takes for the device to become fully functional.

I use my 2 Tb disk for a Time Machine backup, so obviously it has a lot of data on it besides media. Before I started using backups I recall startup times being a lot faster. Another issue is that the WiFi USB dongle is also non-functional until the USB drive has initialized.

I tried disabling the media library, but it doesn’t do any difference. When can I expect a firmware update to fix this?

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Mine certainly don’t take that long to scan.

Some users have reported that when they repaired the damaged filesystem on their USB drive, their mount/scan times went from agonizingly long/never finishing back to normal/acceptable.

Have you attached the drive to a PC and tried repairing the file system?

As Roofingguy has said, use you PC to check the drive for errors.

Just brought a WD 2TB hard drive, have spent hours to put about 1.5TB worth of films, music and pictures on it - plugged it into my WD Live and expected to be sitting for ages waiting for my WD to scan and write it’s .wd folder, only 4 minutes later and the drive was ready, the drive now takes about 48 seconds to load now the indexing has been done.

I too have experienced delays of about 20mins indexing a WD USB 250GB HD.  I will check the drive for errors, but was wondering if drive errors could also account for the sluggishness in playing music - especially on shuffle?  There is a delay of about 20 secs before the first song plays and the same gap between tracks.  This is obviously not by design.