USB share creation

When I press “Add a Share”, there disappear Volume selection.


Now I can’t create share on USB attached disk.

Any ideas? Thanks.

When they are connected, USB disks should automagically get a share at their root level.

It’s not (currently) possible to add shares for USB-connected disks any other way, such as for a folder in a lower level than the root of the USB disk (or indeed to manually recreate the root level share if for some reason it does not happen).

If you’re in JBOD mode then the volumes selection should be available so that you can select disk1 or disk2 (at least it is on my JBOD MCM - I can’t yet see your image as it hasn’t been approved yet by a mod) but for RAID0, RAID1 or spanning modes then essentially you wlil only have one volume visible (the combined or mirrored “virtual” disk) and so the volume selection is redundant.

I use RAID1 mode. Yes. Automatically created share - External, to root level exist. I planned to create on USB disk FTP share, for ftp purposes.

 Basically the only USB share available is the automatic root one per drive.

You may be able to add others if you SSH in and mess around at the bare metal level, but that’s a whole different ballgame (and not supported or warrantied by WD).