USB share and Time machine


I’m trying to set up my home network to allow automated backups to work to the interet.

To do this I need to be connected to the mybookworld (white light) server as wd_backup. This isn’t a problem, exept that I ALSO need to be connected to the usb drive to back up some information that is stored on there (the info has to be on the usb drive or it doesnt stream to my sonos system properly). I can’t see a way to connect as wd_backup and also access the usb share. Is there a way to do this?


Don’t really understand what you say about the USB hard drive, can you elaborate a little bit more on that. 


Sorry about that. The USB drive is a USB hard drive attached to the USB port of the WD mybook world. If I connect to the mybook world on the network as admin I can see the USB share as a folder, but I can’t see the time machine backup folder (wd_backup). If I connect on the network as wd_backup I can see the time machine backups but not the usb share

Weird :confounded:, both of then should be accessible. Review the steps from the link below, for the steps on how to map a shared folder.