USB Ports Not Recognizing Files

I was going along, happily, plugging my SDHC cards and USB sticks into the Hub and playing the various videos I would put on them. I had “sync” turned off and could go to “Files” and the external drive would be there under the internal drive. Suddenly, the external drives no longer appears there for access. I’ve plugged various drives into the front and back, but …nothing.

When I select to safely remove the drive, it does so, indicating that the Hub at least recognizes that there is something there. When I turn “sync” on, it recognizes the external drives and “syncs” them. Why won’t these drives appear under the internal drive in the “Files” section anymore?

I don’t remember them ever showing under the internal drive.

I believe they show as their OWN drive as part of LOCAL STORAGE; at least, that’s how mine is working…

Files / Select Content Source / Local Storage / …

When I say “under”, I mean it is listed below the internal drive so, yes: you are correct about the location and path. The problem, though, remains.

Try a hard reset of the box, fixes lots of strange things.

Or hold down power button for >3 secs to power it right down.