USB port on My Cloud

I want to attach an external hard drive via the USB port on the My Cloud to create and store a safepoint. I have a 4TB capacity MyCloud with 3.5TB of data on it so i obviously need another hard drive with at least 4TB capacity.

From being wirelss and uncluttered before I installed My Cloud I now find I am running wires everytwhere ; ethernets, USB connectors, mains adapters which is a real shame

WD only make one portable 4TB external hard drive and that has a thunderbolt connection so is unsuitable to connect to My cloud. The only product on the market is a Seagate external 4TB portable drive.

Does anybody know if the ;power from the USB on the MyCloud is sufficient to run a 4TB external hard drive without a separate mains power supply

You shouldn’t have issue with that seagate 4tb ext connected to mycloud’s usb because if I’m not mistaken its running on external power too. The load that you’ll be putting on the usb are drives without external power which powered hub should solved this…

 The seagate drive is a portable disc which needs power from the USB connection

Get a powered hub to avoid issues.