USB Not Powering - RocketFish BluTooth Keyboard

I’m trying to get my RocketFish Blutooth keyboard to work with my Hub.  I sware that I’ve had it working before but I could be confused.  First couple of tries, at least when I plugged the dongle in, the dongle light would power on and it would attempt to sync.  Now the dongle light won’t even power on.  I tried another USB device that has a light indicator and also no dice.  I tried both the front and the back USB ports, same behavior.  Anything I can do to fix this?  Maybe a reset?

Does anyone know off hand if the RocketFish keyboard will work?

Not sure about Rocketfish but i have a dell wireless keyboard that works fine

Sounds like your not getting any power on the USB port.

Try a thumbdrive or portable drive, if it works then your USB port should be alright.  If not then there is most like something wrong with the USB.

This is no harm in doing a factory reset and maybe removing power for a short period.