USB non powered hard drive question

Didn’t see anything conclusive on this in the forum already so thought I would ask. Are there any USB non-powered (meaning powered by the USB bus alone) that work well with the WD Live Plus? I want one that is at least 500GB and that the WD can play any kind of file from without issue. Please be specific as to brand name. Many thanks.

I have used a WD My Passport 500gb drive fine for a couple of years with my Live.

List of compatible devices for the WD TV Live HD Media Player and WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player

(Personally, ive used WD Elements / Seagate / Toshiba (Usb2) Self Powered Pocket Drives with no probs.

WDTV HD (the very 1st one) + WDTV Live(Gen1) & WDTV Live Hub)

Thanks for the quick responses guys! I was looking for the personal experiences and you’ve both given me a place to start.