USB hub, only one hard drive active?


I have read that USB hubs won’t work if several hard drives are active at the same time.

I’d like to connect several hard drives, but only one of them will be active and powered on. Will USB hubs work?

If not, is there something like an USB switch that allows connecting several hard drives, and selecting one of them only?

Thanks a lot for your recommendations.



Hi there, there are a few USB hubs that work but I can’t remember the exact brands and names…

Try to contact the user PixelPower, he’ll be able to bring you some light.

The two hubs I own work fine, but as you said only one hard disk per WDTV usb socket will work at one time.

If the hard disks are mains powered (not portable drives) and you only have one switched on when you power up the WD you should be ok, if you have more switched on it will be pot luck which one would work and which one’s won’t.

Hi Mark,

this sound very interesting. What hubs do you use?

I have a Belkin USB2 mains powered pocket hub and an non powered 4 port hub which has no name wrote on it.

If you need to use more than one hard disk at a time with a hub, you would need to cross over to B-Rad custom firmware.

Thanks a lot for your hints. Because I will definitely use only one HD at a time (each HD has its own power supply), I will give it a try.