USB failing with 1.04.22_V

Anyone else having trouble with the WD TV Live’s USB ports since 1.04.22_V?

Everything worked fine with  1.04.17_V, but ever since 1.04.22_V, USB keeps failing for me.

Initially all works well, but after a few days the WD TV Live ignores anything plugged in, be it a simple USB-Stick with music, a camera with photos, or a keyboard. Nothing happens upon plugging in, nor re-plugging.

I have not yet identified what might trigger the failure. Simply unplugging the WD TV Live from power and replugging it after 10 seconds usually fixes the issue, but I have to do this rather frequently. I do keep a wireless Keyboard’s USB-dongle permanently plugged in, but it worked fine with 1.04.17_V, but not so well before. It seems to me like that keyboard bugfix from 1.04.17_V was undone in 1.04.22_V.

This bug is especially embarrasing: my wife wanted to show pics on the camera to a friend, and I intervened saying that it is much more convenient on the big TV. So I triumphantly snatched the camera and plugged it in, only to find nothing happening. I fiddled around and eventually the girls gave me that “yeah, we’ve seen boys and their technology before and knew this would happen”-look on their faces, and then just took the camera back from me and watched the pictures on that tiny LCD of the camera. So embarrassing, y’know. :wink: It happened two more times, and now I only plug in a USB-Device into the WD TV Live if I am all alone - and it still dowsn’t work.

Have you tried resetting the unit via the side button. Press for 1 second and then release with the unit fully booted up.