USB External Drive Failure

Just wanted to share this and if any Mac users out there have seen this:

After dozen’s of shutdowns without ejecting my external 2TB USB HD, it finally crashed. Fortunately, I back up everything. The drive was recognized on my Mac when I plugged it in directly so the few files that hadn’t been backed up could be copied over. It couldn’t be repaired so I had to reformat. I did a non-journaled format, whatever that means. It took only minutes to reformat, but 20 hours to put everything back on it.

I hooked it back up to the Hub, fired it up and it works once again. But, back on the Mac, when I tried to drag new movies on to it (via the network) I get a little circle with a line through it and it won’t copy. When I try copy/paste, it tells me I don’t have permissions. Just before that, I had used a file comparison program that I use for back up. It lists the folder on the drive and the folder on the backup and it shows which files are different. Then I just tell it to copy which ever file I want moved. That works perfectly. No permission errors. Only when I tried it manually via drag or copy/paste. I can’t change permissions via the network. The info screen doesn’t show the permissions, only something like “you have custom permissions set”. I’m sure if I hook it back up to the Mac, I’ll be able to do something with it, but it’s connected to a home theater and pulling the power cord is a hassle. Since I can still copy files via the other software, I’ll just do that. Anyone have any thoughts? How come permissions stops me from manually copying to the drive, but not via the software?

Data corruption may cause permission issues, even if you can access the data with a software and not with Finder. As a precaution I suggest you to eject the drive first before shutting the Hub down.  To see if something is wrong with the drive you may run a diagnostic to it.