USB Drive not showing up anymore

Couldnt unplug from MyBookLive and been trying to remove for over a week …just pulled it out. Mine is under removable storage and eventually prompts me to format. I will be checking back…

Hi there, when you unplug the drive from the MyBooklive unit was the drive in activity or spinning? Also try to check if you can restart the My Book Live Duo unit and try to plug the drive again to see if the information is visible.

You have a problem that i dealt with in my guide

Thanks for the response! I did try restarting on two occasions, I was scared to do a power cycle since that may had bricked my first MBLD.

I have done so many times but can’t seem to remember but now the drive is useless. I am pretty sure I want to get files off of it, only option is to reformat. It’s been some time since I’ve tried to save files, pretty sure I can do a quick format and then use ‘a program’ to retrieve the files. Right now, two apps won’t even notice the drive has files on it. Of course Google is just full of answers!