USB drive does not work due to WD dashboard

I have noticed that my USB stick does not work normally when the WD dashboard is active. The USB is always connected - not connected - connected - not connected. But if I close the WD dashboard completely, the USB also works normally. (does not disappear) Is here a fix for?

WD dashboard has known issues galore so suggest removing it to let other equipment work properly

When will this fixt?
I have so far only 1 USB drive that have the problem. its A medion drive (32GB)

128GB USB sticks are under $20 so retire the old smaller capacity ones

A 32 GB USB form a other brand works fine and even 2gb cheap drives only that one 32GB.

I use Kingston which are low cost and are no issues and more recent new USB-C models are now available

There are clearly some fundamental issues with the latest version of Dashboard, V4.1.2.4, that definitely weren’t present in the previous version V3.7.2.5 I had installed despite just how cranky that version actually was in reality ! In particular, drives connected via USB now very often appear to be problematic.

For instance, a WD Blue SA510 in a portable housing instantly crashes Dashboard as soon as it is plugged in :frowning:

There is nothing wrong with the drive. It’s a brand spanking shiny new replacement for a recently failed device and works exactly as it should do … other than when Dashboard V4 is running. There are similar issues with some other older drives and USB sticks as well. They all work just fine with Dashboard V3 running but not reliably (if at all) with any of the latest V4 versions I can find.

Based on issues various with V3 never getting sorted I certainly wouldn’t be holding my breath for V4 getting fixed any time soon :wink:

I would suggest it’s best to only run V4 when entirely necessary to check for updates and review diagnostic data etc or perhaps even just stick with an older version that does actually appear to work more satisfactorily if possible.