USB Docking Station for MyPassport

Dear Comunity,

I am a WD Customer from Swizerland using very different products from WD. My newest product from WD is a MyPassport Essential that I purchased in Feb. 200.

I saw a USB Docking Station as an accessory  for MyPassport in ( WD Store US).

My Problem is, that this product is not available in Swizerland, and a purchase from WD Store US is not possible.

Can you tell me why this Docking Station is not offered in Swizerland? Is there any way to purchase this product anyway?

Many thanks in advance.

Looking forward to your response.

Unfortunately, the docking station hasn’t been made available in Europe, yet.  I would send an email to our online store requesting that this product be made available to European customers. 

Hi Bill ~ just curious; will a docking station for the My Passport Essential SE wiith WD SmarWare be available soon; live in the US. Thanks.

You can find it on the WDStore, in the accessories page.

Bill - I had the same question as above, whether there is a dock available for the My Passport Essential SE.  I checked the accessories page of the online as suggested in your post, but the only dock there indicates that it is not compatible with My Passport Essential SE drives.  Am I missing something here? Can you post the link to the page where it can be found?

Here is the link.

It is designed for the My Passport Essential (model WDBAAAxxx), My Passport for Mac (model WDBAABxxx), and My Passport Elite (model WDBAACxxx) portable drives.  I took the previous line from the online store page.