USB Device Not Recognized?!?!?

Please help me someone!

I have been using my 160GB Passport just fine for the past two years running backups and such. I had Vista on my Dell laptop. Well just yesterday, I installed Windows 7… and had copied over all my music and pictures into the Passport before doing so. Well after setting Windows 7 up successfully, I plugged in the Passport, and all of a sudden, it said that the USB device isn’t recognized??? Not only that, it now says the same thing on my desktop which runs on XP - which it never had a problem with before either. What the hell is going on?? I need my pictures and music… I hadn’t saved them anywhere else because I had never expected this to happen…ever!

Another weird bit of info…  Only one time today, I plugged it in…and it actually read the drive. So I immediately attempted to copy over all of my music first. A few times during the process, I got error messages saying some of the songs were no longer in the drive, blah blah blah… (error 0x80070037 & error 0x800703E)…and then when it finished, I checked… and no songs had copied over…only the folders and sub-folders. So I checked the Passport drive and realized that NONE of the songs or pictures that I had copied over last night were in there! Only the folders. I know for a fact that I had copied over all of my music and pictures yesterday before installing Windows 7… so why are they not showing up in my external drive now? Is it because my laptop isn’t reading the external drive correctly since it was by chance that my laptop actually read the drive this time?

Now I’m back at square one and my laptop won’t recognize the device at all. How can I fix this? And are my pictures and music really gone? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you…

Sorry to hear about your problem. I have no solutions for you, only empathy. I too upgraded to windows 7 (64 bit) recently, to find that the system does not recognise/acknowledge/or even complain about my 1tb home edition book. Since then it doesnt even accept that it has anything back up on it (6 months of data and MA work Grrrr.) Support inform me that there are issues with 7 (64bit) but have no date for firmware update. Ive put mine back in the box and moved to mozy. Best of luck.