USB device not recognized

I ave a 500g Elite with about 150g of extremely important files I backed up on it.  When I first got it less than two weeks ago it worked fine, but then crashed when trying to transfer files.  Then my computer couldn’t recognize the USB device, said I had to format my drive so I did.

Then it worked, transfered my files, thought all was well. 

Now I’m trying to use it for the first time and I’m getting the same problems, my computer does not recognize the usb device nor the drivers and it’s telling me I need to format the drive.  It says the same thing when I plug it into my roommates computer.

If I format it again will it delete all my files?

Is this common?

this in not a common problem , plz go back to the store where you by it. tell them what’s the problem of that product… then maybe ask a fovor to them to reformat but they should back up your file . that my opinion, i hope it works

I have exactly the same problem. Please email me any fix. Thanks