USB Connector Detached From Circuit Board (WD Passport WD5000BMVW)

I pulled out my WD Passport today to get a file off of it and the USB connector fell into the enclosure of my harddrive. I opened it up and the connector is complelty off the circuit board. Is there anyway to fix this or at least get my data off of it? I see 12 pins, but to my knowledge, I cannont utlize them as it’s not something I’m fimilar with. 

I would love to get my data off it to at least back it up to something else. Here is a picture of the harddrive… notice to the right of the 12 pin connector… that’s where the USB connector was (I still have the USB connector).

You can try taking the board to an electronics place and have the port soldered back on. Or try finding another one on Ebay that matches up.


I have another harddrive that looks like this one… would switching the circuit boards work?