USB 3.0 Extension Cable - Good or Bad Idea?


I have a piece of audio gear that allows me to plug in a hard drive and record audio. In fact, owing to the number of channels and sample rate, the data rate can be quite high so it’s important to have the correct type of hard drives etc. etc.

I have my WD My Passport Ultra which works absolutely fine with this gear, however, I need to extend the cable length of the USB 3.0 in order to work with a flight case I am putting it in. I have found various USB 3.0 extension cables online each with their own reviews, but I just wanted to see if anyone on here knows much about this and whether the hard drive will still be able to be bus powered properly if going over a distance of 2m etc. etc. or whether I should get a externally powered USB dock.

The cable I am currently looking at is this. Someone claims in a response to a question regarding bus power:

It is full USB 3.0 spec cable. I can say it fully maintained 5.07V at 2A for a project which was powered for 16hours and the cable was fine and without damage or hardly any discernable temperature rise from such a load all day. We have done similar for months now and all still good. Most small drives are around the 1A at 5V.

I couldn’t find the specs for my drive in terms of what powered it might need…

Thanks in advance.


Hi george.collins94,

The data cable provided with My Passport Ultra drives are optimized for best data transfer performance and extension in cable length may affect the performance of the drive.