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My cloud with CPU 100 all the time I connect it to the router it once works once not every time I get a message (can be seen in the screenshot) it is impossible to work with it … what can be done to facilitate it and work betterSharedScreenshot

You are using v5.x firmware (OS5) per your screen shot. See the dedicated subforum for the OS5 firmware devices. This subforum is for the OS3 (v4.x and v2.x) firmware.

OS5 My Cloud

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search through the OS5 subforum(s). You will find numerious threads where people are having problems similar to what you are experiencing. The OS5 Indexing is tying up your device. Its a well complained about issue.

There are a number of OS5 Knowledgebase articles on the indexing issue.


The workaround is to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and disable Cloud Access/Remote Access. Some also suggest disabling Twonky if it is installed as it’s indexing may also contribute to slow performance on the OS5 second gen single bay My Cloud units.

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Thank you :smiley:
So do I need OS5 or OS3?
And how do I change that? Because I think it made the update to OS5 and I stopped it in the middle, how do I reinstall and what version is needed?

You updated your My Cloud to the latest firmware available for your device, OS5 (v5.x firmware). As many have found the indexing “feature” in OS5 firmware tends to tie up their My Cloud making it sluggish and unresponsive until that indexing finishes. As previously indicated use the forum search feature and search the OS5 subforum for those discussions and suggested workarounds to try and deal with the indexing.

Officially, according to WD, one cannot roll back from OS5 to OS3. Unofficially people have found ways to revert back to OS3 firmware. Use the forum search feature and search the OS5 subforum for those discussions on how to roll back the firmware to OS3.

How do I revert to the previous version?

Every time I want to get into the cloud through the site it shows me it

Make sure to access the correct web portal when using the OS5 firmware: https://os5.mycloud.com/

Search through the OS5 subforum for discussions similar to your issue(s) as the solutions or workarounds to fix issues you are experiencing with the OS5 firmware may be different than similar issues with the OS3 firmware.

OS5 My Cloud

Any time one is having remote access issues with MyCloud.com the first step is to check the My Cloud Dashboard to see what it indicates as a status for Remote Access/Cloud Access. Often disabling Remote Access/Cloud Access. Waiting a few minutes. Then re-enabling the feature will re-establish the remote access tunnel for the MyCloud.com web portal.

Again, as stated previously. Officially according to WD one cannot revert back to the OS3 firmware from the OS5 firmware. Unofficially other users have found ways to do so. Use the forum search feature to search for those discussions on how to roll back to the OS3 firmware. The methods to do so may be different depending on one’s My Cloud model/unit. And one does so at their own risk.

Can’t even press

Can you give me the latest version of OS5 maybe I should update manually again?

I almost give up and just take out the storage and use it as a hard drive :sleepy:

I searched and did not find a guide on how to restore from OS5 to OS3

As previously indicated there are a number of discussions in the OS5 subforum on how to roll back various My Cloud models…


Not sure why you are asking another end user for the latest version of OS5. You can download it right from the WD Support website. Click on the Support menu link at the top left of the page.