Uploading a large file from my iPhone

I get “General error. (416)” when uploading a large video file through my wireless home network. Only about 1.5G uploads without a pronlem. Is there a wireless upload limit? Any ideas?

Are you using WD2GO to upload the files? If you are try uninstalling the app and check if you have the latest firmware for the My Book.

I am using WD Photos to upload photos and videos. I get "General error. (416) " when uploading files above 1.5 to 2Gb.

I’v updated my firmware, deleted my Iphone App and reinstall.

I’ve call support but there seem not to get it right.

Some one seem to suggest, i might have to partition my drive to NTFS, but I notice although  my drive is listed as a network location in My Computer, I cannot map it. So when i go to back up my Win 7, its not listed as a location for back up and also when I rightclick on My Computer>manage> my drive is not listed, so I cannot even partion it.

Any ideas/suggestions

You cannot partition a NAS, nor should you attempt to do so from the shell.