Uploaded video...please take a look


please take a look at this and see what you think

It just appears? Did you try using the get info option? This is how it looks like when I get the info for my movies.

If you have “Content Info” set to AUTO, it will automatically add that information.  If it can’t find a match, do what Cuernudo describes.

it is always set to auto for content info but it doesnt do it for all movies…only 2 or 3, is there a certain individual setting needed to have this for all movies 

If it’s not working for other movies, it’s probably because the file name isn’t matched exactly.

Look it up manually on www.themoviedb.org, see how the movie is named, and then rename your file to match that name.


i have used the rename option many times with success but still have to enter the folder to see the movie info and scrolling background, unlike  as my video shows where i can just highlight the folder and see the info without entering it first

That’s a whole different thing.  

I’ve not seen it EVER work on a folder.  As far as I know, it’s not supposed to work on folders, UNLESS they’re DVDs in a VIDEO_TS folder, and even THAT is broken right now… 

but as my video shows it can be done…:smiley:

Your video shows you “selecting” Pirates of the Carribean.   The Live SMP indicates that is a FILE, not a FOLDER.  :)

ok you are right…but still, why doesnt it do this for all the movies as i scroll along the thumbs

As I indicate above, if they are FOLDERS, it’s not going to show metadata from something inside the folder.

thanks for your patience with this but all movies are set up the same, some work and some dont

megamark wrote:

…  all movies are set up the same, some work and some dont

No, they are not.   In your video, you plainly have some movies in FOLDERS, and some as FILES.

Metadata *will not show* for FOLDERS.   Only files.

:smiley:you are a smarter man than me…how can you tell that from the video

From the icons on the screen…

Red arrows are pointing to a thumbnailed FOLDER icon.

Green arrow is pointing to a thumbnail-less FILE icon.


ok…and thanks again for your time with this…how do i change a folder to a file…the file with the green icon has a thumbnail in it named folder .jpg but for some reason it is not showing…the others have the same folder.jpg but it shows up

That’s because folder.jpg only works with FOLDERS.

For FILES they need to be named exactly the same as the movie.

i still dont get it…how do i make something a file if it is a folder and vice versa