Upload Video Files Remotely to WDTV LIve Hub?

Hello All,
My good friend who is not tech. savvy has a WDTV Live Hub and still really enjoys using it. Am I able to upload video files remotely to his WDTV through the internet? Can I essentially remotely connect to his home network and then to his WDTV?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Put them on a flash drive and let him copy from that.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. Is there no way to remotely connect and upload files to WDTV Live Hub?


If you want to remotely upload videos to your friend … then you’ll need a device that supports Remote Access.

example: My WD MyCloud Supports Remote Access.

It’s then Networked to my Raspberry Pi 3 running Kodi (but, you could use a WDTV Live Hub) via a Network Share.

Then i can remotely upload files to the WD MyCloud which will then be playable on my Raspberry Pi 3 via the Network Share.

I’ve only done it with photos from my Android Phone running the My Cloud Mobile App … it works, but it’s pretty slow. Tried uploading a video but it was so sloooow.

The problem has less to do with the hardware used than with sending files via internet. The most limiting factor is the speed of the senders internet bandwidth. My ISP throttles my upload speed to around 12 mb/sec so even if the person downloading my file has 200 mb/sec d/l, the data will be delivered at sender’s upload speed, At my upload speed it took a friend 50 minutes to d/l a 1GB file. Not worth the effort most of the time.