Upload speed question

I’m transfering files to my drive, any file under 900mb  takes about a min or so (fast transfer rate), anything over 900 takes about 20 min (extremely slow transfer rate)… whats up with that? Is there a fix?



Are you doing this remotely?  Or on your local LAN?   Are you using the Desktop app or a direct connection via a network share?  What PC?  What OS?

I second the last user user with slow upload speeds. I can upload a 2GB file in 5-10 minutes but when I try to backup my harddrive the speed drop to the floor. RIght not I am getting peak 8MB/s 5 ft from the router over N 5GHz. I am running OSX Mavericks and I am using a Netgear WNR6300 (AC router). I really want this NAS to work, but so far I am not too impressed. I was hoping to use the MyCloud as a media server and a backup for my MAC.

I am connected over the 5Ghz N network. I will try wired and get back to you.

Still only getting 23Mbps upload when wired on a Gbps  wired connection.

Try connecting to the NAS via SMB instead of AFP.   Lots of people here are reporting it’s MUCH faster on Macs.

It looks like I am connecting using SMB. OSX Mavericks uses SMB by default and only uses AFP if SMB is not available.

What kind of upload speeds are other people getting?


I just bought the 4 TB My Cloud and I can not get speeds above 23 MB/s.

It is a bit frustrating and I’m not sure what to do to increase these speeds.

Captain_Panaka, it probably will bring a faster solution.

Either way, I just found this post and I created one before, it is not something you should worry about too much, I guess…