Upload Problem? Please FIX!

Its going to take me 22hrs to upload 15.1GB. Wha? 


My LAN Speeds are insanely fast. 

Running Mavericks OS, but, i am doubting it has to do anything with it knowing all the problems this MyCloud is having. I should have looked on this community site rather than, the fake reviews that are posted on product review sites. 

I am absolutely confused why this product was released. 

Can’t upload directly from a USB connection? Only a LAN Connection that doesn’t work any faster than my wireless?


I bought this to not waste my time and now, its giving me a heart problem (j/k) but, almost. 


To improve your transfer speed, make sure that all the devices on the network are using gigabit ethernet. Also you can try resetting the device and try disabling the firewall on your router to see if the connection it’s being blocked.